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Breastpump Donations

Are you no longer using your breastpump and you want to pay it forward? Let us know and we can collect and redistribute this to a new Māmā

Breast Milk Pump

Project Uplift

Since 2005 Uplift has sent over two million bras wherever women have requested them. Their work has been assisted by the involvement of a wide range of business and community groups. Uplift tries to ensure that bras get to the women who need them without compromising their dignity. They have sent bras to Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Philippines, Bali, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Botswana, Uganda and Pakistan, the outback of Australia and to projects and schools in need in New Zealand.


Breastmilk Donations

Do you want to donate or are in need of donated milk?

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Baby Clothing and Linen

Do you have quality baby clothes and linen that you want to pay forward? Get in touch and we'll do the work for you!

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